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VDSA Dynamics Insight Stories

Date Title Link
November 2015 Lack of formal credit constraining rural transformation
October 2015 Reverse tenancy: A re-emerging trend in dryland agricultural areas of southern India
October 2015 Changing agricultural patterns in eastern India
October 2015 Fluctuations in rural poverty levels in Bangladesh
September 2015 Pulses missing from farmers’ fields and plates
August 2015 Changing eating patterns in rural India
August 2015 Changes in work patterns and incomes in Jharkhand
July 2015 Flexibility for profit in Gujarat
July 2015 Agriculture booms in Madhya Pradesh, but farmers look for off-farm income
June 2015 Spotlight on agriculture in Bangladesh
June 2015 Community-driven development initiatives finding success (Telengana and Maharashtra)
May 2015 Key changes in rural dynamics identified in Karnataka, India
May 2015 Farm income insurance can mitigate risks for smallholder farmers
May 2015 Cash crops drive change in dryland farming (Telengana and Maharashtra)
May 2015 Mechanization on farm
April 2015 Tracking pros and cons of dietary changes